Our address book #VIAGGIOAMICI Tonight told you about an extraordinary man: Alessandro Frigiola, head of pediatric cardiac surgery at the ; Irccs of San Donato Milanese, founder of the “Children with heart disease in the world” association.
Frigiola organizes a week-long mission every month in the most remote corners of the world. poor of the planet, bringing with them; a team of doctors and nurses, all volunteers.
Durant and missions his team also visits 250 children at a time, starting with the oldest ugrave; serious: «My Christian faith and my ethics as a doctor ¬have always made me think that no one can; stand by and see if a child who could be saved dies of lack of means. It is an unacceptable injustice". It is It is unacceptable that in rich countries children with heart disease have a higher mortality risk. below 5% and in developing countries above 90%.
The only discriminating factor is wealth.