Tonight our column #VIAGGIOAMICI tells you about a beautiful adventure: that of wheelchair billiards, thanks to the tenacity of two friends, Luca Bucchi and .

Luca Bucchi, due to a diving accident in the sea in shallow waters, at the age of 19 he suffered a lesion of the cervical vertebrae and the relative lesion of the spinal cord.
Today he is 53 years old and has agrit and passion have led to being a skilled painter and launching into new projects.
Roberto, 49 years old, social worker, is; He was her home care provider for a period and, among the interests that the two share, one of all, billiards, meant that the two launched themselves into the field. in a beautiful adventure: promoting billiards for people in wheelchairs and creating the conditions so that a wheelchair billiard section was also born in Italy as well as in many countries, including the USA and England.

In March, the two met at work, they contacted the Italian Paralympic Committee of CONI: from the meeting with President Pancalli it is the collaboration with Fibis, the Italian federation of sports billiards was born.
The incessant work of the two friends in search of other players interested in billiards meant that a certain interest was gathered around the project and today the Roman team is ; made up of 4 players who have been joined by two new players from Abruzzo.

Luca has designed for himself a team of 4 players. a special handle to be able to grip the cue.
There are also two amputee friends who play with us in a wheelchair even though they have prostheses that allow them to stand.
The game is easy. addressed to everyone, men and women, children and the elderly.
Anyone wanting information on how to play and where in their own cities; can writes on the Facebook page Wheelchair Billiards Italy.

From 19 October, for the first time in the history of Italian billiards, the national Pool championship will have a wheelchair section with 6 wheelchair players.