Tonight our column #VIAGGIOAMICI tells you a very sweet story.

Husband and wife married for 75 years.

And last month, at the age of 95 he and she, 96, died a few hours apart, embracing each other. It is the story of Jeannette and Alexander Toczko.

Recently, Alexander’s health had deteriorated following a broken femur. After treatment in the hospital, the man was brought home. But in those days, his wife's health also deteriorated.

The beds of the two had been pushed together because they had been pushed together. could be close. A few weeks after hospitalization Alexander shuts down forever: “I love you, wait for me. I will arrive soon ".
At that point, her children left her alone with her husband because they were too young to leave her alone. she could say hello. After a few hours, Jeanette too died. gone to the amazement of all present.