#VIAGGIOAMICI: a businessman from Connecticut gives away 580 wheelchairs.

Every year since 2009 Philip Pavone collects wheelchairs and unwanted motorized scooters, I refurbish them and give them away on holidays at no cost to the disabled who cannot afford them. To date he has given away over 580 motorized chairs and scooters with at least another hundred to give away this holiday season.
Philip & egrave; a cancer survivor who knows firsthand what these chairs mean to people. For those who are disabled these are much more difficult. than a simple chair: they are a means of independence, an opportunity; to do normal things.
There are thousands of people who are in desperate need of one of these chairs, but for some reason they fall through the cracks and are not qualified to receive one.
The irony of it all the situation is that there are thousands of these unwanted chairs out there; out of which people have no more need and have no idea what to do with it.

There is no ; never a cost to those who receive a chair.