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Sometimes the most important friendships begin in difficult moments. This was the case of Danilo and Luca.
Their friendship began in the corridors of Turin’s Spinal Unit about 20 years ago,after an accident, a dramatic event that Danilo and Luca chose to live as "a beginning". It’s the start of something new, of a new life, it can be considered as a new adventure.

The goal of the journey is to show people that living with a disability is possible: Viaggio Italia is a travel project to find out the limits and the desire to overcome or recognize them; but at the same time it’s important to know the pleasure of traveling around the world, with new meetings and emotions.

Danilo Ragona is a designer (president of the company, Luca Paiardi is an architect and a musician (he plays in the Stearica), their Viaggio Italia is a story of courage, freedom and autonomy; it’s a romantic anthem about their love for life. Sometimes when you face a challenge, you just never give up. Danilo and Luca always leave from Italy to travel around the world and their history is also a mission, where this term takes at least three meanings:



We will play Tennis and fly with the hang-glider, always together and with other disabled people. We will travel using sailboats, downhill boats, canoes. So, sport as a challenge, as a self-knowledge and as a relationship.


Viaggio Italia is also a trip into the Spinal Units where people begin to understand how to continue their life. In these places we will spread a simple message, made of examples and testimonies that life in autonomy is possible.


It will also be a journey with the best companies, their ideas of innovation and their ability to create a new accessibility thanks to the functionality and design of their products.

We will also meet people who are witnesses of special experiences and we’ll take their testimony with us.

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